“Monster” Horns

I just realized yesterday evening as I was making notes of all the stuff that I needed to update that it’s been more than 5 months since I updated this blog. And 5 months is far too long to go especially since so many things have been happening.

So, where should I start? Well, we’ve laid down 11 of the planned 13 tracks for our forthcoming album, If These Stones Could Speak. (Yes, we’ve decided to go ahead and release an album. We’ll be doing a limited print and will sell it on iTunes.) Of those 11 tracks, 5 are fully produced and ready to go. The others are waiting for cello, backing vocals, electric guitar, etc., to be added, which will be happening over the next several weeks. And then it’s off to mastering.

It feels like it’s getting really close, and I think everyone involved is excited about it. We have no plans for promoting it other than selling the CD at our shows and through our website. We’re not releasing it in hopes of becoming famous — I think we’ve been through too much to believe in that nonsense. We’re just four friends (and sometimes more) sitting around in our living room creating this stuff from our souls, and we’re really happy with what we’ve done. A few days ago, I finalized all of the CD artwork. That’s one of my favorite processes in releasing an album. Now, I’m working on our new website, which is a much more challenging process because it requires a lot more brain power on my part, but once it’s done, it’s hugely rewarding.

Anyways, on Wednesday July 14, we had an incredible session. The agenda for the evening was for Jim to lay down some phat horn tracks on a song called “Monster.” All I can say is, man, can that cat play! While we sat there listening quietly to Jim doing his thing, Alex and I looked at each other and gave each other the thumbs up. Chris sat at the recording console egging him on, closing his eyes and swaying to the music as it flowed out of Jim’s horn. It was such a privilege to be able to experience the music Jim was making as it was being created. It was funky and full of soul — or souftélicious, as we would say. Fortunately, Alex happened to captured a picture of Jim in his moment on his cell phone:

Jim Mara, Sax Player, Sheila and the TSP

So, it’s all coming along. I will have more updates soon, and I promise, it won’t be 5 months between posts. 🙂


~ by Sheila on July.26.2010.

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