New Name, New Music

A few years back, we actually had someone in the industry tell us the only thing getting in our way was our name. “Sheila Kirsten Hughes Band,” by their standards, was too long and hard to remember. Well, in an effort to make sure we never listen to what the industry tells us, we’ve made it even longer. So, we’ve got ourselves a new name… sort of. The band formerly known as “Sheila Kirsten Hughes Band” is now “Sheila Kirsten Hughes and the TSP Orchestra.” (can you imagine the domain name if we’d decided to spell out the entire thing? DISCLAIMER:  The domain name you’re about to view was typed out by a professional stunt typist. Please do not try this at home.)
“” (“Ugh! Finger death!” Thud.)
Longest. Domain. Name. Ever.

Fortunately, because we care about our friends and fans, we went with something much more simpler-er: Yes, for those who would prefer not to end their lives prematurely from tongue death from having to utter so many words, or are just too lazy to be bothered with so many syllables, you can call us “Sheila and the TSP” for short. I’m sure we’ve been called worse.

Why the change? Well, because “the TSP” is way cooler, and a way better band, than “band.” If I was Chris or Alex, I’d rather be known as a member of “the TSP Orchestra” than a member of “band.” Not that they were complaining. I mean, unless you count the shivering they were doing in the shadow of my long-ass name. Never once did either of them ask to borrow my pink sweater (so soft and warm. Yes! YES!). Plus, I just assumed when they were saying “so cold” in that nearly-collapsed-lung, shaky voice under their slowed breaths, it was just part of the act. “Yeah, Alex, you’re right. The music does sound really cool! Really, really cool! By the way, I like the way you made the steam come out of your breath when you said that just now!”

Seriously though, I was joking around with Alex over an email a few weeks ago, and wallah! TSP was born… and there was no going back. Why? Because as Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, and I might be paraphrasing here, “man’s mind, once warped by a twisted sense of humor, never regains its original dimensions.” (FREE Perspectives CD to anyone who can guess what “TSP” stands for. Add me as a friend on Facebook and you can go through my old posts to find out.)

It’s going to take us a while to get all our stuff switched over to the new name, so for now, you’ll see both “Sheila Kirsten Hughes Band” and “Sheila and the TSP” stuff. I plan to redesign our website sometime in the next several months. Plus, we’re going to have some new press photos done by Stehlik Photography. Best. People. Photographers. Ever. Period.

We’re working on new music, too. Not sure when it’s going to be ready or exactly how we’re going to distribute it this time around. We’re considering going all digital. We’ll see. Recording with Alex and Chris…. uh… I mean “the TSP” has been so much fun. They are way cooler than those “band” schmucks I was working with before. LOL. I’ll be posting blogs about the recording sessions soon. So, stay tuned.



~ by Sheila on July.15.2009.

One Response to “New Name, New Music”

  1. I like the new name! I look forward to more blog updates!


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